Thursday, February 25, 2016

Historical Portrait : Elizabeth c.1754

Elizabeth c.1754,  acrylic on wood panel (16" x 20"),  2015-16


I re-worked this painting and finally feel ok with it. I was never really quite satisfied with the first version of it and the urge to fix it was always in the back of my mind.

This historical portrait is so different from the original that I almost feel the need to invent a title for it.

The original historical portrait is of Princess Elisabeth of Wales (1741-1759) when she was 13 years old.
She was a member of the British Royal family and was the sister of George III.

Her portrait was done by Liotard in 1754, five years before her death at the young age of 18 due to health problems (she was always a sickly child).

My portrait looks like an older version of Elizabeth if she had lived to adulthood, which was unintentional as I didn't know the background to this portrait when I made it. Kinda weird.

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