Tuesday, December 22, 2015

End of the year and getting ready for 2016

Having just spent the most busiest year in my studio, this week has been "catch-up" week for me doing lots of things around the apartment that were left undone or unfinished since we moved into our new apartment. Still have to paint the dining room chairs.
I figured some illuminated gold balls in my studio was kinda festive.

I try to not buy any more new ornaments for the tree. But if I do, I limit it to one new ornament per year.
This year, I found a gold puffy cloud with an arrow through it.
Not the most "Xmassy" ornament (probably why it was on sale), but I like the design of it.

My daughter spent most of the day baking yesterday. She needed help icing the gingerbread cookies. I'm no Martha Stewart, hence the haphazard icing. Cookies taste good though.

The black nodder bunnies arrived yesterday from Toronto. Love these guys. Of course, they sort of have a "creepy" aspect to them, especially when their heads move, but isn't that the fun part?

Another view of my studio space. Spent the last few days cleaning it up. Now I'm ready for 2016.

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