Friday, October 9, 2015

My to-do-list

I've got 16 art-related items on my to-do-list for this went up from 12.
I might be able to cross out 3 items from it by the end of the weekend.
We'll see how things go.

Here's a photo that best describes my life at the moment:
  1. Boxes of plastic wall plugs and metal hanging d-rings to put away.
  2. Empty plastic cheese container to be used for final waxing of chairs.
  3. Container of green chalk paint opened once to paint one chair. Still have 3 more chairs to paint.
  4. New basil plant that needs a lot of water. Like everyday or it wilts right away. Very high maintenance.
  5. Empty metal coffee can that I won't throw away until I find a store that stocks this coffee. It's the best. From Rome. Don't know why it's so expensive. But it tastes so good.
  6. Small plant on the bottom that needs to be re-potted. Still alive, so it can wait.
  7. The bigger plant next to it has come back to life since it got moved closer to the window. Might actually survive.
  8. The white curtains were hung up when we moved back in May. They were supposed to get trimmed to fit the window, but still haven't gotten around to doing them. Who really cares at this point?

Another cloud photo. The clouds were a perfect pink.

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