Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Have you got your sh*t together?

October is speeding by and I can't seem to get my sh*t together.
I've got a list of 12 "things" to do over the next few weeks.
I've managed to get 1 1/2 things done so far.
Should be a promising month.

I woke up extra early yesterday morning because the whole family had check-ups with our new family doctor.
This morning I woke up extra early to hunt for cardboard in my neighbourhood before the recycling truck came by to pick everything up.

On my agenda for the rest of today:
Package up 2 orders and bring to post office.
Check to see if there are more boxes available from a local retail store near the post office.
Do more laundry.
Work on new sculptures.
Gesso panels and get them ready for painting.
Do more laundry.
Work some more on sculptures.
And do lots of other things in between as the day goes on.

Landscape painting (5" x 7"), acrylic on panel, 2012

What's on my work table at the moment

Untitled, acrylic on wood (4" x 4"), 2013


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