Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The number 22

In Toronto our hotel room number was 2222 on the 22nd floor. We left today on September 22nd. I must remember to play the lottery tomorrow night.
Here are recent shots of our trip back home. The clouds were out of this world. I took lots of photos from the car window while on the highway.
We also found a fantastic little joint off the country road that served the best cheeseburger ever in some small town called Perth on our way to Almonte near Ottawa.

Those clouds...can't get enough of them. They were spectacular today.

Go here for a great burger. Gourmet taste without the gourmet price if you know what I mean.

Augusto looking good as he always does even in the middle of nowhere. I'm one lucky girl.

More clouds. I feel a landscape painting coming on.

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