Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Studio Space Update

A more updated photo of my studio space. Once I get back from the Toronto art fair, I just have a few more things to de-clutter and I think the apartment will finally be finished.

I've got plans to make some large scale paintings to put up in the living room. I thought I'd have time to make them to bring to Toronto, but things don't always quite go as planned. But you never know; there's still 10 days to go until Toronto.

I'm absolutely in love with this armoire. It's the perfect size and holds a lot. Next time, I'll take photos of the inside to show the green shelves and how much stuff I can fill it with. I also switched out the wood handles for some very cute blue ceramic ones instead.

A brand new bike for Lorenzo. And it's a beauty! There was a bike store that was closing near where we live and we got a super deal on it. Lorenzo hasn't had a bike since his old one got stolen a couple of years ago, so it's nice that he finally get's a new one.

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