Thursday, September 3, 2015

Historical portrait : Lee 24

Lee 24,  acrylic on panel, (5" x 5"), 2015

I decided to ditch the "Bourgeoise" titles for my latest portraits. These new paintings are based on historical images from my archives, but most of them are random faces that I've come across magazines and photos and I don't always have the name of the person to go along with the face.
I don't think this is a bad thing and I find it liberating because it allows me more freedom to interpret, invent and use my own imagination.
I'm not big on trying to find titles for my work and find it difficult  to come up with them.
Titles can lead the viewer to look at a painting in a very specific way which can narrow one's vision and not see the painting as an entity on its own merit.
On the other hand, there are certain paintings that I've made that actually do have very specific titles and are integral to the piece. For example, "When Marie-Antoinette was a Punk Rocker" is an important element and creates a cohesive whole with the actual painting that the title goes with.
I'm not against titles. In fact I do enjoy them quite a bit.
But sometimes, less is more. Sometimes it's better to leave things up to interpretation, if possible.

At the beginning of 2015, I searched and searched for a title name that I liked and that was easy.
And "LEE" struck a chord with me.
I plan on using this title for many of my works going forward.
It'll also help me to chronologically place my work in the order that they're created. I love to see the progression and the evolution from one painting to the next.

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