Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summer road trips are the best

I recently went into deliberate hibernation from my regular schedule that has been my life since last September 2014 when I finally quit my last part-time job.

2015 so far has been non-stop work year for me. Not that I'm complaining or anything like that.
But I think my mind and my body finally quit on me soon after the Mtl en Arts art fair at the beginning of July.
Perhaps "quit" is too strong a word. I think perhaps "tired" and "really tired" are more accurate descriptions.
I think the clincher was the special rush order for a client that finally pushed me over into "psycho"mode. Ask my family. They can vouch for me. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to custom orders and I was really pushing the "perfection" button. Every little detail became a "big thing". And in the end, everything turned out fine and the custom order turned out just right.

Not to say that I've been laying around the house eating cherries and ice cream. No of course not.
No, in fact, my attentions have been turned over to our precious new apartment that has remained in an unfinished state since the day we moved in this past May.

To say that the apartment has become my no.1 focus since the last 2 weeks is quite the understatement.
I thought one week would suffice to finally get the new apartment in order, but reality hit me hard. Really hard. How much stuff can one family of four have? A lot apparently. How much stuff can an artist like myself have? A whole lot more apparently.

We did a garage sale. It was pretty successful. We got rid of large pieces. But now we need a second garage sale because I didn't have the time to go through every single thing that we own.

I sold our dining room chairs on Kijiji because they just DID NOT WORK. And when the young couple that came to buy the chairs took them away, I felt so much BETTER.
I have other furniture pieces to sell. Do you need a table? It's pretty and blue.

Yes, I admit that I've become obsessed with the "zen" approach to life.
I look at all those perfect decoration magazines and wonder how the heck can anyone can  live in such sparse and clean surroundings. These people must have house cleaners that come to help them (every day). It's not possible to have such clean perfect floors. No hair? No breadcrumbs? Where's all the dirt? Under the fancy designer carpet?

So what's a girl to do when her floors are never ever clean?
Buy a hand vacuum? No, of course not.
GO on a road trip instead. Nothing like getting away from your life to come back to it with a fresh eye.

Here are photos of our road trip that we took last weekend.
These photos are just to keep you busy until I can finish decorating the apartment and post new photos of our new digs in all their glory.

The clouds were perfect.

More perfect clouds.

More perfect clouds.

More perfect clouds.

We spent Sunday morning at IKEA. The most comfortable chairs were of course the ugliest. Too bad.

We found a farmer in St-Eustache selling all kinds of food goodies direct from her family farm.

Corn is already out. But still too small. Needs another week of growing.


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