Saturday, July 4, 2015

Mtl en Arts 2015 : day 4

Elisabeth is moving to Paris! A very nice gentleman from Paris purchased the above painting this morning at the  MTL en ARTS art fair. Elisabeth looks kind of french, so I think Paris will be the perfect home for her.

The following is a true story (I kid you not): a young couple stopped in front of my booth late in the afternoon today and the girl kept pointing towards my work and discussing something with her boyfriend. They continued on their way and about 5 minutes later, they returned to my booth and the girl explained to me that she was awe-struck to see the painting on display in my booth at the fair because she had wanted to purchase this very exact painting earlier in the year online, and was regretful that she hadn't done so.
The young couple drove up for the July 4th weekend from Boston and came across the MTL en ARTS art fair by accident. About 1 block before arriving at my booth, she had casually mentioned to her boyfriend about the painting not knowing I was at the fair. A few minutes later, they came across my booth to find the painting in question.
Isn't that the craziest coincidence?
Now that's serendipity in full force.
All the stars in the universe were aligned just perfectly for this to happen.
Art is so magical!
Very cool.

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