Friday, June 19, 2015

Vincent re-invented

Vincent,  acrylic on wood panel, (24" x 36"),  2015

I've re-invented Vincent and turned him into a regular guy. He was originally a priest, not something that I painted because I wanted to. I created this work for an exhibition-contest that I entered last fall in 2014 that had a specific theme and it so happened that a priest was part of my "concept".

Now a full year later, I finally found the time to change him not because the painting was bad. In fact, I love this painting and I think it's a very successful portrait.
But with time, I've realized that I'm not comfortable with the idea behind this painting and how it came about.
In my opinion, a priest today is not perceived in the same way as they once were in the past.
And to be honest, I'm not super religious and I don't want people thinking that I am because I painted the portrait of a priest.

So, I made Vincent into something that is closer to what I like to paint and is a better representation of me as an artist.

I think that's why I've recently thrown away many of my older works from my old studio space, because I want to have control and be the editor of my own work.
I want to send out a clearer message to my audience.

That's why I'm never, ever going to create another artwork that has a specific theme dictated by a gallery.
I've done this a few times over the last couple of years and in the end most of the work that I've created for these shows feels alien to me.
It's as if these works of art were just for show and not indicative at all of who I am as an artist.

Vincent will be part of my selection of works at the Mtl en Arts art fair from July 1st - July 5th here in Montreal. Come check him out in person.

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