Saturday, May 9, 2015

Moving Day

Well, it's been exactly a week since we moved out of our old apartment. We've spent this past entire week trying to get our new apartment fully functional and organized. Augusto and I have to get back to normal and get back to our work.  Not an easy task since we downsized to a smaller place. It's a good way to see  how much stuff you actually really have. I think what makes it more complicated and difficult is that I have a home studio, so we had to pack an entire room of paintings, tables and art supplies. And even that needs to get downsized.
Moving day was officially on Saturday, May 2nd, but we began moving stuff the day before on Friday and still had a few left-over bits (like plastering the holes in the walls and putting out the garbage and recycling) to finish up on Sunday as well…so yes, it took us 3 days.
What made the whole experience even more special was that I had booked professional movers and I found the Myette moving company online. I went with them because their rates were very reasonable and they had a 5-star rating google rating. I thought I booked a 2 men with a truck, but instead 2 men on bikes with trailers attached to the back showed up instead. Surprise was not the word that I would use to describe our reaction when they showed up on our front yard. Apparently, starting May 1st, the company switches from trucks to bikes. Lets just say that we were the coolest people on the block. Onlookers stopped to watch, people took pictures and cars slowed down to check out what was happening.

Augusto on the front lawn with just a selection of the boxes that we packed. Behind him on the side walk are the 2 bicycles from the Myette moving company.

Here's a close-up of how how our furniture was packed and moved by the Myette moving company. I kid you not, they used bikes with trailers attached to the back to pack and move our furniture to the new apartment.

The 2 young gentlemen from the Myette moving company were calm, professional and very efficient. They managed to pack each piece carefully, including our mattresses. It was quite incredible to watch them work…sort of like a Tetris game come to life.

We had perfect weather for the first weekend in May. We got lots of help from family and friends..thanks everyone! I'm so grateful that we didn't have to deal with rain during our move. That would have made me cry for sure. 

Will I miss our old apartment and neighbourhood? Yes and no. We've been in the same neighbourhood for 9 years and I guess one gets used to a certain rhythm. But change is always good. It keeps you young.

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