Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cheerfullymade Makeover Preview

A preview of Mr and Mrs Tuturici in large print form
Emily Arbour is a multi-talented woman and a busy one at that! She runs the famous HANDMADE HARVEST SHOW, writes a blog: CHEERFULLYmade and also owns her very own shop HELLO YELLOW in Almonte, Ontario ( not far from Ottawa). And on top of that, she also has her own line of handmade scented candles that she sells on her ETSY shop: CampyHome.

Last week she contacted me about purchasing 2 of my portraits and making them into large scale prints for a make-over reveal of her dining room in her new home.......reveal to be presented on June 8th on Merry mag Summer Issue and apartment therapy.

I must say it's quite exciting to be able to see how my art will become part of this transformation. A big thank you to Emily for liking my art and making it part of her family home. Very cool.

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