Friday, March 20, 2015

Everyday life: first day of spring

I have this bionic plant that lives in my studio. I've nicknamed it the "monster plant".
I think it's the happiest plant in the world.
It's so happy to be in front of that window soaking up all the sun rays.
It was so teeny tiny when I first bought it.
If it gets any bigger, I'll have to find an extra bedroom in the apartment just for it to sit in.

If we didn't rent and instead owned the place we live in right now, my first renovation project would be to knock down the wall that separates the laundry room from the kitchen.
It would substantially improve the amount of light in the kitchen.
As well, the kitchen in our apartment would be considered a "gut job" if it was ever featured in any of those home renovation shows. 

I'm afraid to do anything to this plant.
It just might decide to eat me in my sleep one night.

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