Monday, December 15, 2014

Historical Portrait: Moses Gill

Moses Gill c. 1759,  acrylic on 12" round canvas,  2013

I painted this historical portrait in the spring of 2013. My son Lorenzo was quite impressed with it and asked me to not put it up for sale. And so I obliged and have kept this painting in my studio ever since.

Yesterday afternoon, I decided that it was time to sell this painting (with Lorenzo's blessing).
You can find it listed in my ETSY shop.

There are some paintings that an artist makes and decides to keep forever no matter what.
And there are other works that are kept for a little while until the artist fully absorbs what he/she needs to still learn from a particular painting.
In this special case, my family and I have enjoyed this work and I've spent many times standing in front of it and staring at it.

For me, I believe this painting represents a point in time when my historical portraits took a leap forward. It is not super-realistic, but realistic enough that it feels like a real person. You can feel the weight of the flesh.

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