Thursday, October 2, 2014

FALL Clean up Time in the Studio

Yesterday was a fun day at the Market Cooperative Arts fair at McGill University. The students were sweet and the organizers of the fair were really helpful and very nice folks. Gives me hope for the future when I see that the young folks of today appreciate handmade goods in all its various forms.

So today I'm back in my studio and I have the urge to purge. We only have a barbecue grill on the balcony in the back, otherwise I would make a bonfire and burn some of my old work that's been hanging around for too long and taking up space for no good reason.
My approach from now on with my artwork is that if I think it's ok, it's just not good enough. I want all my art that I make and show to the world to be top quality, not just so-so quality. With this in mind, I need to be a better editor of my own work and be ruthless and objective. Sounds harsh, doesn't it, but it has to be so.

I did a big clean-up last night in my Etsy shop and created a $20.00 SALE section which will last for the whole month of October. I'm curious to see what the reaction will be if there is one at all.

I'm excited to start some new projects for the upcoming Holiday season. I'd like to do a couple of more art fairs and I want to get my portfolio updated and ready for 2015.
I have a feeling it' going to be a BIG year!

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