Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Everyday life: a day at Granby zoo

Lorenzo and the Goat had a little talk together at the mini-farm. 
Here's how the conversation went: 
Goat: "It's easy, man. Just go towards the gate, leave it open a bit behind you and I'll sneak out with the pig."
Lorenzo: "I don't know. You sure nobody's gonna catch us?"
Goat: "No worries, man! The pig and I have it all worked out. I look like any other goat and pigs look all the same. His cousin is waiting for us just outside the zoo near highway 10."
Lorenzo: "Ok. Follow me and let's do it quick!"
Goat: "Cool, man, cool."

Greta wanted to go to the zoo ad so we all went on Monday and had a fantastic time! Animals are fascinating to observe and watch at any age. And GRANBY ZOO was only an hour drive away. The weather was perfect and because it was a Monday holiday, the zoo wasn't crowed at all. No line-ups anywhere including the camel ride and the amusement rides as well (which include the crazy Pirate ship and roller coaster).

We took an aerial tour of the zoo on the mini-monorail.

The Pirate ride from hell. Starts out slow, but ends up pretty much at a 90 degree angle by the end. Enough to make you either throw up, start crying or scream. Or do all three at the same time. 

The flamingos were in fine form.

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