Monday, August 25, 2014

Larger than life

The Big Bettina Series # 1,  acrylic & ink on gessoed paper,  (11"x 14"),  2014

I had a request this month from a lady in Italy to make some of my smaller works on paper in a larger format. The results are exactly as I expected; a close rendition of the original, but not quite the same. Sort of like siblings in a family.
Will the client like the results? I'm not quite sure since many people who have their heart set on a particular work of art can never be quite satisfied with a close "copy".
Does this de-value the new larger work because it's not the same as the smaller work?
Should a comparison even be made between the two artworks?
An interesting dilemma, which is why I'm only making one work for now until I hear back from the client. I'm curious to know what her reaction will be.

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