Monday, June 9, 2014

Man with a Tie

Man with Tie (Black) # 1,  acrylic wood panel,  (4" x 5"),  2014

There's been some back and forth debate with regards to the above man's ethnic background in this particular painting. My son, Lorenzo is convinced that he's Jewish and that his name should be something like Bob Goldstein.
I, on the other hand, see a Mexican dude. He's a semi-retired Mariachi playing band member that hopes to retire soon and settle down somewhere in New Mexico or Texas or wherever it's hot. He might be called Juan Hernandez.
Another scenario to his origins is that he's half-Jewish and half-Mexican and that his actual name is Jose Epstein.

Regardless of where he came from and why he turned out the way he did, this new painting will be part of my selection of works at FIMA which starts this Wednesday, June 11th and continues until Sunday, June 15th.

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