Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Everyday life: weekend rental car

I've been busy in my studio, but have not been painting much. I found out last week that I got accepted to participate at FIMA (Festival International de Montreal en Arts) this year, so my time has been spent making lists, organizing and cataloging my work, getting the necessary hardware for display purposes, and pretty much trying not to get too stressed. I have to say that I'm quite excited about FIMA. It's a 5 day outdoor art fair and it's a pretty big one with a lot of attendance. Hopefully, I have enough business cards made for the event.

We spent last weekend out and about with a rental car and it was the best thing ever. A break from your everyday life is essential to keep everything in perspective.
The weather was pretty much perfect and the views from the car were also perfect.

Apple trees as far as the eye can see near St-Joseph-du-Lac

View of Montreal from the bridge coming home in the evening. A pinky sky at night always means a sunny day tomorrow.

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