Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Everyday life: weekend rental car

I've been busy in my studio, but have not been painting much. I found out last week that I got accepted to participate at FIMA (Festival International de Montreal en Arts) this year, so my time has been spent making lists, organizing and cataloging my work, getting the necessary hardware for display purposes, and pretty much trying not to get too stressed. I have to say that I'm quite excited about FIMA. It's a 5 day outdoor art fair and it's a pretty big one with a lot of attendance. Hopefully, I have enough business cards made for the event.

We spent last weekend out and about with a rental car and it was the best thing ever. A break from your everyday life is essential to keep everything in perspective.
The weather was pretty much perfect and the views from the car were also perfect.

Apple trees as far as the eye can see near St-Joseph-du-Lac

View of Montreal from the bridge coming home in the evening. A pinky sky at night always means a sunny day tomorrow.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Everyday life: The Swallow's Nest B&B in Ithaca

While in Ithaca, we stayed at The Swallow's Nest Organic Bed & Breakfast  located in the Song neighbourhood of the EcoVillage in Ithaca ( just 5 mins from downtown).
The studio apartment was spacious and there was plenty of room for a family of four.
Breakfast was included and there was plenty of choices, all organic, including homemade zucchini bread by the owner.
Michelle and Joe who run the B& B are super nice and accommodating.

Augusto and I plan to go back again. This is the perfect place to wind down and rejuvenate.

View of the Song neighbourhood

The weather was perfect during our 3 days in Syracuse and Ithaca. The grass was so vibrant and green. 

View of the pond. At night, there was a beautiful symphony of frogs and in the morning, amazing birds can be heard.
I recorded both with my camera just because these sounds are so beautiful and something that you don't hear in the big city. But at the moment, I can't seem to download them, so when I get the technical kicks sorted out, I'll add the videos to this post.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Everyday life: Ithaca, New York

Our road trip to Syracuse, New York (part 2)

Here are a few  more photos of our trip. 
Tomorrow, I'll have a post about the Swallow's Nest B& B with pictures and audio!

The view from our room at the Swallow's Nest B & B.
 I absolutely fell in love with the Ithaca landscape. The rolling hills, the colours, the light in the sky, everything about this place spoke to me. Augusto and I hope to go back again soon and spend more time exploring this part of upstate New York.

On Saturday, we all got dressed up for Taylor's graduation ceremony and dinner with the family in the evening.
This is always an opportunity to take family photos, especially when the kids are dressed up (so cute).
Ironically, at the graduation ceremony, there was a mix in attire among everyone. I found it odd to see some graduates in cape and hat wearing shorts and running shoes to receive their diploma. In contrast to this, some girls were heels so high that they could barely walk across the stage.

Shades of pink seemed to be the colour of the day between Augusto and I.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Everyday life: Syracuse, New York

This past weekend, we went away for an extended 3 day visit to celebrate Augusto's niece, Taylor's graduation in Syracuse, New York. We met up with Augusto's family in Ithaca where everyone was staying, which made for a fun old-fashioned family reunion.
It took us about 5 1/2 hours from Montreal to Ithaca with a stop along the way in Syracuse. We crossed the border at the Thousand Islands border crossing and unexpectedly we came across a photo opportunity at the duty free shop. Who knew?

Greta as a Canadian beaver

Lorenzo as a Canadian Mounty moose

We got to Syracuse at about 3pm and headed for the Dinosaur B.B.Q. restaurant because we had read excellent reviews about it, but even in the middle of the afternoon there was a line up outside the door and a 30 minute wait.
So we ended up at the Dynasty USA mall where the DSW shoe store was located (we had a coupon and Greta needed a pair of shoes).
We also grabbed lunch at UNO pizzeria and we had the best burgers and pizza ever. And guess what? There's a big gigantic carousel in the mall. It costs $1.00 for a ride. Who knew?

The carousel at the Dynasty USA shopping mall

We drove from Syracuse to Ithaca, which is about an hour west of Syracuse and which is where everyone was staying at the hotel. But we found the hotel prices too high for our taste and so during the winter, we did some research about hotels and B&Bs in Ithaca and came across the Swallow's Nest B&B located in the Eco-village just outside of downtown. That is where we stayed over the weekend and I'll talk about this special place in my next two posts.

Saturday at noon was the graduation at Syracuse University in the Dome stadium. Very large venue and a very hot one. I ended up using the Convocation booklet to fan myself. The two hours that we were there, the temperature on the monitor went from 73 degrees up to 77 degrees. It was hot.

Taylor on stage with the dean

Check back tomorrow for more photos and more about Ithaca, New York.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Historical Painting: Lady with Shawl

Lady with a Shawl, 1821, Yale, by Anna Claypoole Peale
acrylic on panel,  (5" x 7"),  2014


The original painting that I worked from was very small, so I inevitably invented some of my own details for this portrait which is fine. This makes for an original painting all my own. I love how her eyes turned out.