Thursday, February 27, 2014

Everyday life: the chocolate bunnies are here again

Chocolate bunnies, acrylic on clay, 2014
Here in Montreal, I think the consensus is that winter will pretty much be here forever and ever. Like a bad fairy tale gone wrong.
Every single conversation with another person begins with the phrase, "It's so cold out there."  And most people say it like they're surprised or in shock, like it's a new thing. I think people who live in cold climates have short term memory loss. It's a coping mechanism in order to not go into a deep depression after so many months of winter.

Anyway, I've already begun preparations for spring. And that always means making new clay bunnies for my ETSY shop. I'm always surprised by how they turn out. And they're so darn cute in a creepy kind of way. I just love them.

Remember people, spring will come (eventually).

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