Thursday, February 27, 2014

Everyday life: the chocolate bunnies are here again

Chocolate bunnies, acrylic on clay, 2014
Here in Montreal, I think the consensus is that winter will pretty much be here forever and ever. Like a bad fairy tale gone wrong.
Every single conversation with another person begins with the phrase, "It's so cold out there."  And most people say it like they're surprised or in shock, like it's a new thing. I think people who live in cold climates have short term memory loss. It's a coping mechanism in order to not go into a deep depression after so many months of winter.

Anyway, I've already begun preparations for spring. And that always means making new clay bunnies for my ETSY shop. I'm always surprised by how they turn out. And they're so darn cute in a creepy kind of way. I just love them.

Remember people, spring will come (eventually).

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Everyday life: studio space

It's only after some time goes by that, as an artist, you begin to see themes emerge from the work that you do. For lack of space, walls are a good way to "store" your artwork until you can figure out who might be interested in them or who might want to buy them.
I have one last circle canvas left to paint and I'm glad that I didn't buy more. It is an unfamiliar shape to many people and I don't see any potential for sales in the future for works on this type of canvas. This is not to say that I didn't enjoy the process of working on circular canvas. It did help me to think outside the box.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Historical Portrait: Eleanor Britton

Historical Portrait, Eleanor Britton (Mrs William Musgrave), 1821, Yale
by artist Anna Claypoole Peale

My interpretation of an historical portrait made with acrylic paint on 5" x 7" gessobord. There are certain details that I chose to leave out of this portrait when I painted it because I felt that it wold take away from the intensity of the facial expression of the young girl.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Nude sculpture #10

Nude sculpture #10,  acrylic & clay, (3 3/4"H x 2 1/4"W),  2014 

Here's another nude sculpture that I completed recently. I'll be putting her in my ETSY shop today. I think she's sweet and serene even if she's naked. If we could all be like her, there would be more nudist beaches in the world and less tan lines.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Monday, February 10, 2014

Daffodil painting

Daffodils # 1,  acrylic on gessobord panel,  (8" x 10"),  2014
There are moments in my life when my patience just runs out and I need to vent. That's when a palette knife comes in handy instead of a regular paint brush. There's just something about painting with a palette knife that is so satisfying and gratifying. Mix the paint and smear it on the canvas all in one movement and things begin to happen.
That's kind of what happened with this painting of daffodils. There was originally another painting underneath it, but it just didn't work and I didn't want to make another painting that was just ok. So I covered it up with something better and now I feel better.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Everyday life: weekend vernissage

Saturday, Augusto and I drove to the Arbor gallery in Vankleek Hill for the EROS show vernissage. Both kids had other Saturday things to do; Lorenzo went to see the new LEGO movie and Greta spent most of the day at a friend's birthday party, so that left me and Augusto alone to spend a fun day trip together.
Here's a photo of me posing with my art work at the Arbor gallery:

I've been drawing nudes since I was 17 years old. I forget sometimes that there are still people that can get very sensitive when it comes to genitalia (especially the "penis").
It was fun to see my sculptures posing in a glass showcase. The blue turban nude girl sold on the first day!

The gallery presented a show with live music and singing. There was also lots of chocolate and lots of mingling. I met three of the other artists who were also exhibiting ( Erica Taylor, Roy Whiddon and Mark Greenwald) and there was plenty of talk and exchange of ideas about art, nudity and what it's like to be an artist today.

The EROS runs until March 9th, 2014. The ARBOR gallery is open from Thursday to Sunday (12-4pm).

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New website is live!

I re-vamped my website last week.
It took me two days to build it and I have to say: I LOVE IT!
I changed my service to SQUARESPACE ……their templates are modern, fresh, up-to-date and dynamic and the annual fee is very reasonable for what you get.
I'm so glad that my brother re-did his new website using SQUARESPACE, otherwise I would have never thought about it myself.
Here's my website

Girl in Black Skirt, acryla-gouache on paper, 2013

Saturday, February 1, 2014

EROS exhibition at the Arbor Gallery

I'm participating in a group show starting this month at the ARBOR gallery (Centre for Contemporary Art) in Vankleek Hill, Ontario (1 hour west of Montreal going towards Ottawa). The vernissage is in exactly 1 week from now on Saturday, February 8th starting at noon - 4pm.

Here is a preview of some of my work that will be at the show: