Sunday, January 26, 2014

Everyday life: wall people

A section of the wall in the living room
Today, I took a picture of a small portion of our living room wall where I recently hung up a selection of items that together make for an interesting mix.
Starting from the left is a glitter-ized masked Lucha Libre that I came across this summer in a vintage store in the Plateau. He is perfect!
The two figures in the middle are clay wall sculptures that I made in the summer time but decided not to sell them and instead keep them for myself. I think they are a couple and cannot be parted. Don't you just love the hairy chest on the pirate guy? I admit that I can be a fan of my own artwork from time to time.
The nude girl on the far right is a recent clay sculpture that I made in December. She was intended for the EROS show that I am participating in this upcoming February, but again, I could not part with her and figured that the gallery had enough of a selection with the other clay sculptures that I sent them.

So there, an explanation of how this wall came to be and why I enjoy looking at this pieces knowing the story behind each one of them.

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