Sunday, January 19, 2014

Everyday life: It's still January

I think there is a golden rule out there that says you can still wish someone a Happy New Year! as long as it's still January.
I took a little unintentional break from my blog and I have to admit it felt good not to have to think about it.
But I do have fun with it, so I'm back and perhaps I will try to be more consistent with my posts in 2014, but I make no promises.

Here are pictures of our trip to New York this past Christmas. The weather was mild and it was nice to be able to wear shoes and not think about snow for a little while. We ended up near Times Square a couple of times because Lorenzo wanted to visit a comic book store that was near there. There were SO MANY PEOPLE….it was almost claustrophobic.
But once we left the crazy part of Manhattan, we found the old New York that we love with regular folks and people with faster walking speeds.

Augusto trying to find an escape route away from Times Square.

While we Canadians thought the weather rather spring-like, many others thought it was cold, especially the European tourists walking along 5th avenue.

Greta and Lorenzo in Chelsea 

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