Thursday, November 14, 2013

Studio life: Time to take the photos

I've spent the last few weeks in a continuous stream of productive and cohesive painting.
I'v been in a zone and it feels good!
The last week in October was a vacation week for me and with no distractions I was able to concentrate and focus on just my art.
I was calm and happy. I looked younger. I felt confidant about the fact that "Yes, I am an artist!" and to hell with what everyone else thinks or says.
I don't think I've felt like that in a while. I tend to let the other people's issues in my different worlds get to me and it kinda sucks the energy out of me a lot of the time. So my vacation week was a retreat from everyone and everything. I hardly went out and most of my days were spent in the studio painting all day. I guess this would be similar to being in an artist residency.
That being said, this week my studio space is looking really messy and new paintings have been piling up on my work table.
Time to take photos and catalog everything before I lose my mind. I cannot work or think straight in a messy environment. It just drives me crazy.
This cleanup time is an essential component in my work process. It gives me a chance to evaluate my recent paintings and to take a step back and look at my body of work as a whole unit rather than in bits and pieces.
Is there cohesiveness?
Is there a common theme?
Is there a concept?
These are all important questions that an artist must ask themselves about their work in an objective manner. Who else is going to do it?
And if you approach a gallery, you better be sure that your work is solid and can stand on its own two feet.

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