Monday, October 14, 2013

Everyday life: What is in my heart and mind

Since last week, I've been busy launching a new website to showcase my art:

It still needs work and will be up to date by the end of the month. This will be my official site for galleries and collectors to see my portfolio.
While launching this new site, I've spent lots of time in my studio organizing my artwork and my space. Feels good to clear up things. I can't work with a cluttered space or a cluttered mind. 
Some people thrive on disorder and chaos, but I tend to drown and feel overwhelmed in such situations.
I'm definitely not a minimalist because I like to collect things, especially objects that inspire me to create. I think a lot of artists have an eclectic collection of some sort in there space.
Anyway, I hope to also have this blog in order and to post regularly perhaps only 3 times a week as opposed to trying to post everyday. It's too much for me to have to think about my website, my shop, my blog and to create a consistent body of work and contact galleries. 

In the near future, when I can finally quit my part time job all together and just make art 24/7, I know things will fall into place and I won't feel so impatient and agitated.

I see all the art that I need to create floating around in my head, sometimes I even have dreams of paintings that still don't exist. For this, I know my path in life is to create and to be true to my nature and to share with the world what is in my heart and mind.

View of the trees from the living room window. Fall is here to stay. Look at all the pretty colours.

These are the last 2 surviving cactus plants. For the past month, I've had 1 cactus plant die per week on me. I think I'll stick with regular plants from now on.

A new storage box that fits all my smaller works on paper. Excellent! I love how organized I feel with this box.  Now I just need to find another one in a bigger size for my bigger works on paper. So fun!

A new flower plant that I bought a couple of weeks ago from the grocery store. I've put in the the laundry room on top of the water heater to see if it will bounce back. Maybe St Joseph can say a prayer too.

View from the kitchen window.

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