Sunday, September 29, 2013

Everyday life: Ottawa birthday road trip

Last week was my birthday, but since it fell on a Thursday and everyone was at school and working late, my birthday festivities were postponed till the weekend. And off we went to Ottawa with pit stops along the way in Hudson, Hawsberry and Vankleek. Saturday rained all day, but we still made the best of it. Sunday was spent downtown with some flea market and antique finds. I got a beautiful bronze sculpture of a young boy as my birthday gift. The man said it was probably from the 1930s. 
All in all another great road trip and a fun birthday!

Taking photos on the run

Holy cow!

Lunch in the rain at Anne's Chip shop in Vankleek, Ontario

Lorenzo waiting for his food. We ate our lunch in the car.

View from our hotel window. Marathon anyone?

This was the bridge back to Ottawa from our hotel in Gatineau. Full of runners. Lots of detours and directions from helpful cops to get us back downtown.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Historical Portrait of a Woman

Portrait of a Woman c. 1740-50, Continental Painter,  acryl-gouache on 10" round canvas, 2013


A new historical painting that I made last week. I used acryla-gouache paint which makes for a nice matte finish. She looks happy and content. Nice dress too.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Historical painting: Ann (Nancy) Johnson

Ann (Nancy) Johnson, c.1770, artist unknown,  acrylic on round 10" canvas, 2013

Historical painting that I did this past year from an original miniature portrait painting from the Canada Government library and archives. First time that I've put it in the "public eye". I've discovered that I enjoy making historical portrait paintings because they teach me so much. It's like going through time and sitting with another artist and learning his techniques and ways of painting the face. I've learned a lot from making these and it shows in my new recent work.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Firday Art Scene: The Mona Lisa Curse

Have you met Robert Hughes, the art critic? I watched a documentary the other night by him. Every artist should watch this documentary.

I love Robert's face. He talks very eloquently. And he knows what he's talking about, unlike some people.

You can click on this link and watch the documentary here : The Mona Lisa Curse

Thursday, September 12, 2013

White Button Top clay figure

White Button Top, acrylic on clay, 2013

This is part of my WHITE series of clay sculpture figures that I began recently. Simple line drawing on a white background with a glossy varnish to complete the look.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Everyday life: vintage green rocking chair

This summer we didn't go to many places, but we did come across some vintage finds here and there. We found this green rocking chair for $30.00 at a merchants street sale. The owner of the shop had brought some of her own furniture from her house and was selling it in front of her store. It needed a little TLC, but Augusto assured me that with a little glue, a couple of nails and 4 small metal brackets, this rocking chair would be solid again. And he was right (as usual).
It's new home will be in my studio. Perfect for contemplating my next masterpiece.
When you sit and rock on this little guy, it even has that creaky, squeaky sound right out of an old horror movie. Excellent.