Friday, August 30, 2013

Godetia flower

Godetia flower,  acrylic on gessoed stonehenge paper,  11" x 14",  2013
This is a new flower painting that I made last weekend. There's this flower shop that I usually go to at least once a week to see what new flowers they have in stock. You can call me a regular, but I'm not sure the staff thinks I am. I'm more the girl who comes in and stares at the flowers for a long time and usually walks out with nothing because there wasn't the right coloured flower that week to paint.
Anyway, I see more and more that my flowers are turning abstract like my landscapes. I don't have the patience right now to paint every single petal and leaf. Just not in me at the moment. Maybe it will come to me later when the weather turns cold outside and I don't have the urge to go out anymore.

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