Sunday, August 18, 2013

Everyday life: Summer camp, Otakuthon & Bike riding

This past week was a busy one for everyone. Augusto defended his thesis on Monday and passed with flying colours. In just a couple of weeks, he begins his phd at McGill.
Lorenzo went off to camp with his school on Thursday. Part of some annual ritual that they do with the student council members. They spend 4 days in the woods to meet and greet and plan the upcoming school events.
This weekend is also "OTAKUTHON" here in Montreal. It's the Manga version of Comicon. Tons of young people dressed up in costumes. Greta and her cousin, Marianne are having fun there attending seminars about bento lunches, playing Pokemon games, etc etc... They also get to eat Chinese food for lunch every day since the convention hall is right in Chinatown.

Marianne, Greta and Augusto (It took almost 2 hours standing in line just to get the girls' badges for the event).

While the kids were all out playing, Augusto and I figured that we should have some fun too this weekend. So off we went on our bikes to explore the Plateau and the Mile End districts. Since we moved out west to NDG, we don't hang out anymore in the East end of town so much. We're realizing that the city/suburban lifestyle that we've been living is staring to make us old and boring. I kinda miss the edginess and the sexiness of our old neighbourhoods, but I certainly don't miss the noise.

We biked pretty much the entire day and ended up in Old Montreal with all the tourists.
All in all an excellent day.

The aliens have landed!

Augusto looking for some action in Griffentown

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