Sunday, August 11, 2013

Everyday life: the ivy league

There has been so much rain this past spring and summer that the trees and scrubs have grown to new proportions in our neighbourhood.
We live on the top floor of an old apartment and the outside bricks are covered in ivy...everywhere. It grows so much that I have to literally tear the ivy off our windows when it grows across them and covers them taking away the air circulation and the sunlight, besides bringing in all kinds of little spiders and other crawly bugs.
Some people see ivy as "romantic" and "pretty" and I agree that ivy can be both of these things (on a house in some English movie where the hired gardener spends his time trimming it and making it pretty).
But personally, I need air and sunshine more than shade.
The clearing of the ivy has become part of my summer repertoire of gardening and weeding. Not typical for everyone, but it has become normal for me.
Funny thing is that our neighbours in the apartment below us never touch the ivy and all their windows are pretty much completely covered. I guess they like things dark.

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