Sunday, August 25, 2013

Everyday life: Cotton Candy & the St Laurent street festival

Lorenzo wanted to check out the St Laurent street sale this weekend and check out the second hand clothes. So after some very early morning Saturday errands and some part-time work for Augusto, we all met at the Mount Royal metro station for 1pm. And off we went to have some lunch and explore our old neighbourhood.

I took this picture because I liked the edge of the building against the blue sky, the strategically placed white clouds and the painted designs on the wall.

Little mini chairs in a big chair store window. I'll take the grey one in the middle please. And the blue one. Thanks.

The street sale in full swing. This shot is near where our old music and book store MOJO used to be on St-Laurent. 

The deal was that Greta could get a cotton candy if she let me take a picture of her. A win win situation for her and for me.

Lorenzo posing for the camera with his cotton candy. 

Another perfectly beautiful August day in Montreal with lots of sun, a little breeze and a family photo.

Never been to this bar on St-Laurent, but I've always liked the hand chairs. Figured I should be a tourist and take a photo.

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