Friday, August 30, 2013

Godetia flower

Godetia flower,  acrylic on gessoed stonehenge paper,  11" x 14",  2013
This is a new flower painting that I made last weekend. There's this flower shop that I usually go to at least once a week to see what new flowers they have in stock. You can call me a regular, but I'm not sure the staff thinks I am. I'm more the girl who comes in and stares at the flowers for a long time and usually walks out with nothing because there wasn't the right coloured flower that week to paint.
Anyway, I see more and more that my flowers are turning abstract like my landscapes. I don't have the patience right now to paint every single petal and leaf. Just not in me at the moment. Maybe it will come to me later when the weather turns cold outside and I don't have the urge to go out anymore.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Blue Coat & Sunglasses

Blue Coat & Sunglasses,  acrylic on gessoed drawing paper,  11" x 14",  2013

A new painting that I did earlier this week late at night. Sometimes the best time to paint is when you're tired and can't think anymore and just don't give a damn.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Clay sculpture series for the wall

WALL SERIES #1 (Girl with red hair  & lipstick),  2013,  acrylic on clay
A new sculpture that I recently made. This time, you can hang this one on a wall. I made some other ones, but for now I'm not sure I want to sell them just yet. Maybe after I've made a bunch of them, I won't feel so attached to them. But usually, I always keep some for my own personal collection.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Everyday life: Cotton Candy & the St Laurent street festival

Lorenzo wanted to check out the St Laurent street sale this weekend and check out the second hand clothes. So after some very early morning Saturday errands and some part-time work for Augusto, we all met at the Mount Royal metro station for 1pm. And off we went to have some lunch and explore our old neighbourhood.

I took this picture because I liked the edge of the building against the blue sky, the strategically placed white clouds and the painted designs on the wall.

Little mini chairs in a big chair store window. I'll take the grey one in the middle please. And the blue one. Thanks.

The street sale in full swing. This shot is near where our old music and book store MOJO used to be on St-Laurent. 

The deal was that Greta could get a cotton candy if she let me take a picture of her. A win win situation for her and for me.

Lorenzo posing for the camera with his cotton candy. 

Another perfectly beautiful August day in Montreal with lots of sun, a little breeze and a family photo.

Never been to this bar on St-Laurent, but I've always liked the hand chairs. Figured I should be a tourist and take a photo.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Super hero girl painting

Super Hero Girl with Mask, casein paint on paper. 2013
My son, Lorenzo particularly likes this painting. I guess because it falls easily into the action hero category in a painterly kind of way. There is a nice velvety quality to this work from the casein paint that I used. Should I make a guy super hero to match?

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Everyday life: Summer camp, Otakuthon & Bike riding

This past week was a busy one for everyone. Augusto defended his thesis on Monday and passed with flying colours. In just a couple of weeks, he begins his phd at McGill.
Lorenzo went off to camp with his school on Thursday. Part of some annual ritual that they do with the student council members. They spend 4 days in the woods to meet and greet and plan the upcoming school events.
This weekend is also "OTAKUTHON" here in Montreal. It's the Manga version of Comicon. Tons of young people dressed up in costumes. Greta and her cousin, Marianne are having fun there attending seminars about bento lunches, playing Pokemon games, etc etc... They also get to eat Chinese food for lunch every day since the convention hall is right in Chinatown.

Marianne, Greta and Augusto (It took almost 2 hours standing in line just to get the girls' badges for the event).

While the kids were all out playing, Augusto and I figured that we should have some fun too this weekend. So off we went on our bikes to explore the Plateau and the Mile End districts. Since we moved out west to NDG, we don't hang out anymore in the East end of town so much. We're realizing that the city/suburban lifestyle that we've been living is staring to make us old and boring. I kinda miss the edginess and the sexiness of our old neighbourhoods, but I certainly don't miss the noise.

We biked pretty much the entire day and ended up in Old Montreal with all the tourists.
All in all an excellent day.

The aliens have landed!

Augusto looking for some action in Griffentown

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Everyday life: the ivy league

There has been so much rain this past spring and summer that the trees and scrubs have grown to new proportions in our neighbourhood.
We live on the top floor of an old apartment and the outside bricks are covered in ivy...everywhere. It grows so much that I have to literally tear the ivy off our windows when it grows across them and covers them taking away the air circulation and the sunlight, besides bringing in all kinds of little spiders and other crawly bugs.
Some people see ivy as "romantic" and "pretty" and I agree that ivy can be both of these things (on a house in some English movie where the hired gardener spends his time trimming it and making it pretty).
But personally, I need air and sunshine more than shade.
The clearing of the ivy has become part of my summer repertoire of gardening and weeding. Not typical for everyone, but it has become normal for me.
Funny thing is that our neighbours in the apartment below us never touch the ivy and all their windows are pretty much completely covered. I guess they like things dark.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Monday, August 5, 2013

LILLET aperitif illustration

LILLET bottle,  acrylic on Stonehenge paper,  2012
Here's another illustration that I made this time of the LILLET aperitif . The bottle is empty because this drink is wonderful in the summer. Best served on ice and add a little ginger ale if you want to sweeten it a bit.
Again, it's the label on the bottle that caught my eye in the liquor store. Just love the design.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Everyday life: vintage ladder and toy houses

We went to the Hudson Finnegan Flea Market a few weeks ago and found this vintage step ladder. Still solid enough to use as a ladder, but cuter as a plant stand.

Greta wanted to eat at the Cafe SANTROPOL  in the Plateau for her birthday last weekend. The sandwiches were amazing as always. The owners found these antique store replicas and put them on display in the restaurant. They are the coolest. I had to take a picture.

Look at all the details and the colours!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

PERONI Beer Can Illustration

Whenever I go to the liquor store and I find a cool design on a bottle or can, I'll buy it if it's not too expensive. It's a win-win situation. Augusto gets to drink and I get to paint.