Friday, July 26, 2013

Everyday life: Boardwalk Empire catch-up

I absolutely love watching period shows.
The details of the sets and clothes are eye candy for me. Quite inspiring.
I watched season 1 of Boardwalk Empire when it first came out.
But when season 2 came out, I didn't continue to follow the show and this only lead me not being able to watch season 3 because I hadn't watched season 2.
What to do in this situation?
Do a personal Boardwalk Empire marathon.
I spent Thursday afternoon and evening of last week watching the first 6 episodes of season 2.
Took Friday and Saturday off.
Sunday afternoon and evening was spent watching the last 6 episodes.
Season 2 done.
Next goal is to watch season 3 when it comes out on DVD in August.
This way, I'm ready to go for season 4 in September.
Who says summer can't be a productive time of year?

Steve Buscemi as Nucky Thompson


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