Sunday, June 30, 2013

Everyday Life: the weekend

This weekend is all about dog babysitting and Greta getting her ears pierced (2nd piercing, the first ones were done when she was a baby). This time we went to the Mtl Tatoo shop on St-Denis in the Plateau and she got first class treatment with her double "piercings". All very cool and hopefully the last I will hear about any other body alterations from my teenage daughter.
I've always considered a tattoo for myself, but I know that I would get tired of looking at the same image forever, so no tattoos for me. Too permanent and I probably could never decide on which image to use anyway.
This morning I biked downtown to the YMCA and did a 40 minute swim. Very happy and in a good mood now for the rest of the day. The sun is out too. Yay, no rain today.

Felix hanging out for the weekend at our place

Greta and her new piercing

Augusto putting on the finishing touches to his thesis paper.

Lorenzo figuring out what to paint on his canvas

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