Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ma tante Ginette

Ma tante Ginette,  acrylic, ink on terraskin paper,  (7 1/2" x 11" ),  2013
Living in Montreal, Quebec, the title for this work was very natural for me: Ma tante Ginette, which in English translates to My aunt Ginette. My son and husband love this painting. My daughter, not so much.
But that's ok, I think Ginette is cool. I love her red nail polish. She's the aunt that always smiles and laughs and has goodies in her pantry (that your mom never buys at the grocery store) waiting for you when you come for a visit at her house in the South Shore.
Here in Quebec, Ginette is a popular name. For some reason, a lot of middle aged women are called Ginette. I guess it was popular back in the forties and fifties. Not a name used so much among the young ones anymore. Chantal and Nathalie are also very popular names for girls among the French speaking population. For the French speaking hipsters, Charlotte is the # 1 baby name these days.

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