Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Things take time

Landscape # 1 (Winter series 2013), acrylic paint, photo collage on gessoed paper, 11 x 14

This landscape is one of five that I made this past winter. They are inspired by photos that I took of the passing landscape when we drove to Ottawa last December. It was the beginning of winter and very cold, but the landscape varied from very white snow covered trees to very dry stalks of vegetation the colour of ochre.
I love it when my small little Fugi camera can correctly capture what my eyes see.
I photocopied a selection of these road trip photos and collaged one on a blank paper and used that as my starting point.
I am quote satisfied with the outcome and have plans to work on a larger scale if and when I can finally get my wall set up in my studio.
Things take time even in the art world.

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