Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Studio space ready!

This past Sunday, I finally went to Home Depot and bought a drop cloth to protect the wall in the studio from any paint splatters. Since we rent our apartment, I have to think twice before I attempt any large scale work that might damage the wood floors or leave too much paint on the walls.
I managed to find a drop cloth that was white and not beige or canvas colour or transparent plastic. I wanted something made of light material that wasn't too heavy or bulky or too thick. The last thing I need is to drape a heavy piece of plastic coated canvas on the wall and make the studio look small again and stuffy.
What I found was a 4' x 10' drop cloth by SCOTT (yes, the paper towel people). It's very light and thin. One side is coated with plastic and the other with what seems to be unbreakable paper material. It only costs $6.49, so if it gets ruined, no big deal. I can always buy a replacement. But it seems quite sturdy and I'm sure I'll get a lot of use out of it.
To protect the floor, I found an old piece of muslim canvas that is also thin and light, but sturdy enough for me to stand on while I paint.
In the picture above, the cute red metal table with the wheels was being used as a night stand in our bedroom. What a perfect piece to put my paint palette and brushes and I can wheel it around all over the room.
I also bought 1/4" masonite board and cut it to size (24" x 32")...perfect to fit standard 22" x 30" drawing papers. I want to continue my drawings on paper, but need to make them bigger like I used to when I was in university. I think the galleries will prefer these larger sizes.
So yes, the studio is finally set up and ready to go!

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