Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mattress with pocket coils

I bought a lovely bouquet of flowers on Thursday with the intention of painting them on Friday. But Augusto and I went mattress shopping instead (our old mattress is past it's prime and sleeping on it is no fun anymore). This wasn't our first mattress shopping expedition. It's been about a month that we've been checking store flyers and going to specific stores. You'd think it was an easy buy, but it's been more than 10 years since we bought our last mattress and since than the mattress world has changed dramatically. I actually did research on the internet to find out what the differences were between different mattresses, because the store salespersons are helpful, but not really forthcoming or straightforward.
We ended up with a Sterns & Foster (made by Sealy) luxurious firm, tight top. Combination of coil pockets (individually wrapped coils) with latex foam.  Got it at 60% off, plus an extra 10% discount, free delivery and a free mattress cover. Not too bad a deal. It'll arrive next Saturday. Can't wait.

So back to my painting.
Friday was a no-painting day. Saturday was supposed to be all-day painting day, but ended up being a late afternoon session in the studio. I set up my flower still life and began an acrylic and ink drawing of it. Midway, I became frustrated with the results, but my son liked it and thought it was good. I should have heeded his advise, but instead continued to work on the drawing using oil sticks and ended up with a crappy piece of art that is now sitting in the kitchen garbage can.
Not one who likes to waste (I had lots of paint left on my palette), I took out another piece of paper and did a small portrait drawing.

That's the wild card in the creative process. You start with an intention or an idea and sometimes it works and sometimes it just doesn't. Thing is to keep going and not freak out that you've lost your touch or that you don't know how to paint anymore. There's always more art waiting to be made.

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