Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wall Space

Last night, after many days of feeling under the weather, I started re-arranging my studio space. At this time of year, just before spring arrives, I always have the urge to purge.
It's been some time now that I've been trying to figure out which wall of the studio I could convert into a space for large paintings.
When I was in university and many years afterwards, my paintings were quite large in scale. Many of my nude paintings were 3 feet wide by 7 feet tall. A small painting was anything less than 2 by 3 feet.
These last few years, I've been working on such a smaller scale. I guess after having moved so many times during the last 15 years (7 times to be exact), it had become somewhat of a nightmare to move large canvases from one apartment to another.
This year I knew that one of my main goals for 2013 was to start painting big again. But space being at a premium, I've had to take some time to figure out the best way to clear out my studio space without invading the rest of the apartment. Many of the plants are moving to the living room. I'll keep a few in the studio, but that's it. We are also planning to participate in the yearly street garage sale that our neighbours do every year in June. I'm looking forward to clearing out some furniture pieces that are no longer working for us in the apartment.
So I got Augusto help me with the large mirror and move it from the main wall in the studio to the side wall next to my work table. I didn't think it would work since the mirror is so massive, but it works just fine. There really is no other wall in the apartment where that mirror can go, so it will have to stay in the studio, which is fine since it opens up the space and makes the studio feel bigger.
Now I just have to get 2 large pieces of raw canvas and pin one piece onto the wall and put the second piece on the floor. And presto, I can work as big and as messy as I like without having to worry about messing up any of the furniture or the walls. I can relax and paint at at a scale that is more conducive to my temperament.
Looking forward to it.

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