Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Landscape Winter series # 6

Landscape winter series # 6, acrylic on canvas,  8" x 8" , 2013

This painting has a long history attached to it. I don't like to waste and many times, I'll gesso over an existing painting if I don't think it's up to par anymore. The canvas pictured above began as a figure painting and was made a few years back. I gessoed it over last year and made something that I don't even remember what it was. That didn't work out, so I gessoed it over again back in December and the canvas has sat around in my studio since that time.
This past weekend, I finally decided to make a portrait painting with it and spent quite a few hours working on it on Sunday. Wasn't quite satisfied with the results and ended up re-working it again on Monday. By late afternoon, I was totally frustrated with my progress and finally decided to just gesso it over again and paint a landscape. The result was worth all the hours and turmoil in the end. I quite enjoy the freedom and texture of this landscape and how successful it turned out.
Don't underestimate the process of an artwork.

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