Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Trout fishing

Trout fish series # 3, acrylic on wood panel, 2013

Facts that I know about fish:

  1. My dad eats fish once a week every Friday. Not for any religious reason. Just because it's good for you. He runs half-marathons. He's going to be 75 this year.
  2. We like to eat tilapia.
  3. The kids love shrimp.
  4. It's not good to eat too much canned tuna because of the high levels of mercury. 
  5. I have a science magazine from years ago that shows the strange creepy world of fish species deep deep deep in the ocean waters (think aliens and science fiction movies).
  6. Man is trying to capture live footage of the elusive giant squid. I think they got some footage not too long ago.
  7. Why don't people like to eat squid? The Greek are great at making fried squid. Delicious.
  8. When I was in New Brunswick some twenty years ago on vacation (by myself), I went to the beach for a swim and not only was the water freaking cold, but was full of jellyfish.  I still went in the water and of course I got stung. I also got a nasty sunburn on my legs. Fun times.
  9. I love lobster the way they do it at the Deer Garden chinese restaurant here in Montreal's Chinatown. I started going there in my early twenties. Both our kids were brought up on that food (Lorenzo loves the won ton noodle soup. Greta loves the spring rolls)
  10. Do snails qualify as fish? Why are they sold in fish markets? I love them with garlic.

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