Sunday, February 24, 2013


Clay sculpture bust, 2013
So far this weekend, I've done zero art production...nothing, nada. And it feels good.
Being a Virgo, I need things to be organized in my life and in my head.
If my studio is messy, I can't think straight and than my art suffers for lack of focus.
So, I've been straightening the hall closets in the apartment, I've gone through my photos of my art work and organized them in some cohesive manner that makes sense to me. Now I'm going through my pile of fashion magazines and will tear out any pages that I want to keep and recycle the rest.
Sounds boring and oh so domestic, but art is not just about making it. It is also about living your life and extrapolating from your own experiences. If you have nothing to say, your art will reflect this.

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