Friday, February 22, 2013

Me with glasses

Me with glasses # 2, acrylic on canvas board, 4" x 4", 2012

I'm still getting used to wearing my reading glasses. It just seems like an extra thing to think about. I forget I need them and only remember when I try to read something on a label or look at a magazine at a store. Lots of people say it's normal at my age, but I blame it all on the computers. I'm pretty sure more people wear glasses today at an earlier age than in the old days. We just don't take the time to rest our eyes properly anymore. Lots of people today stare at a computer screen all day long at work. We forget that this wasn't normal to work like this not so long ago. When I take the city bus in the mornings, everyone is looking down at their tiny little screens in their hands. Myself, I prefer to look out the window and daydream a little. I think my husband and I will end up living in a small country house some day in the woods far far away. He can read his books and I can paint all day. And of course, the kids can hang out with us if they don't find it too quiet or too boring.

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