Thursday, February 21, 2013

Casein painting (part 3)

Chocolate cupcake, casein paint on gessoed Stonehenge paper, 2013
The title to this work is all an illusion. It looks like a chocolate cupcake, but in fact it's a small piece of hard chocolate about 1/2" high that looked like a cupcake.
Again, I used casein paint to see what this medium can do. I only bought a few colours and didn't buy any yellow. It is a good exercise to see how well one can define an object with a limited colour palette. I think when I went to the art shop, I was being logical in my selection and didn't want to invest too much money into a paint medium that I had never tried. Just in case things didn't work out, which is what happened with watercolour paint. I really don't have the patience for watercolour and the fact that you can't fix anything once the paint hits the paper.
 But I must say that casein paint is a good match for me. I love the matte finish to it and the fact that it acts like gouache paint, especially when you mix the colours. I've always loved gouache paint, but kept away from it due to it's non-waterproof quality. But casein has resolved this dilemma for me and I can paint with confidence and not worry.

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