Friday, December 20, 2013

Everyday life: snow, snow, and some more snow

Anybody want some snow for Xmas? We got lots to spare here in Montreal. These photos were from last weekend on Sunday, Dec 15th.  I could have taken new photos today, but snow starts to look all the same after awhile.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Friday art scene: Man on Fire song

I know it's Saturday and this is a Friday Art Scene post, but I figured why not?
So, I'm a big fan of movie trailers and I watched the one for the movie August: Osage County that's coming out in December with Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts and a song popped up during the trailer and I couldn't get it out of my head, so I went looking for the source. The song is Man on Fire by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. I love it and it's great to listen to it while I'm working in the studio. Always fun to find something that makes you feel good. 

This is the official video by the band.

This is a live rendition of the song, just as fun to watch.

And here's the movie trailer that started it all:

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Swimmer # 21 clay sculpture

Swimmer # 21, acrylic on clay, 2013
I decided not to put goggles on this particular swimmer only because I think she has such a lovely expression. It would be a shame to change it in any way.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Swimmer # 20 clay sculpture

Swimmer # 20,  acrylic on clay,  2013
A new swimmer that I finished just yesterday. I thought I was finished with making clay sculptures, but I guess not. I'm compelled to make them even though they have no connection to my painting or drawing. Perhaps they are simply meant to be and need to be made.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Winter snowsuit sculptures

SNOWSUIT series clay sculptures
I've been making more sculptures again.
This time, I was compelled to explore what winter means to me…it's all about the clothing and the amount you have to wear just to get out the door.
Wintertime to me is not just about the cold, but also about having to add on an extra fifteen minutes to your morning ritual in order to get on your sweater, coat, hat, scarf, boots and gloves.
I already miss summer and my flip flops.

If you like my sculptures, you can find them in my ETSY shop.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Everyday life: sunshine in November

 I was compelled to take a photo of the sun the other day only because I hadn't seen it for some time. Daylight savings time is now in effect, so the sun goes down starting at 4pm and by 5pm it is totally dark.
But I did manage to photograph a spectacular sunset. Here it is. I love the grey blues mixed with the oranges.

Friday, November 15, 2013

DOG painting

DOG,  acrylic & ink on watercolour paper,  (9" x 12"),  2013

If I ever decided to have a dog, he would look like this. Same spots and same attitude. For now, he is an imaginary dog on paper available in my Etsy shop.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Studio life: Time to take the photos

I've spent the last few weeks in a continuous stream of productive and cohesive painting.
I'v been in a zone and it feels good!
The last week in October was a vacation week for me and with no distractions I was able to concentrate and focus on just my art.
I was calm and happy. I looked younger. I felt confidant about the fact that "Yes, I am an artist!" and to hell with what everyone else thinks or says.
I don't think I've felt like that in a while. I tend to let the other people's issues in my different worlds get to me and it kinda sucks the energy out of me a lot of the time. So my vacation week was a retreat from everyone and everything. I hardly went out and most of my days were spent in the studio painting all day. I guess this would be similar to being in an artist residency.
That being said, this week my studio space is looking really messy and new paintings have been piling up on my work table.
Time to take photos and catalog everything before I lose my mind. I cannot work or think straight in a messy environment. It just drives me crazy.
This cleanup time is an essential component in my work process. It gives me a chance to evaluate my recent paintings and to take a step back and look at my body of work as a whole unit rather than in bits and pieces.
Is there cohesiveness?
Is there a common theme?
Is there a concept?
These are all important questions that an artist must ask themselves about their work in an objective manner. Who else is going to do it?
And if you approach a gallery, you better be sure that your work is solid and can stand on its own two feet.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Everyday life: Saturday day trip

Saturday was the vernissage at the Arbor Gallery in Vankleek Hill.
The kids didn't want to go, so it was just me and Augusto which turned our day into a fun date/road trip/getaway all rolled into one.
We took the scenic drive along the Oka river towards Vankleek Hill and the art gallery where I met and schmoozed with the other artists at the show. 
Of course our trip wouldn't have been complete without a stop at Beau's Brewery for beer and t-shirts. 
All in all a great little day.
A rainy ride along the autoroute to Vankleek Hill

We took the scenic route along the Oka river and came across lots of historical houses like this one.

A blurry shot of furniture in a barn packed to the brim with antiques. We particularly liked this little table with the pink top, green legs and black accents. We did find a book stand for Augusto which was the reason for our trip.

Another blurry photo of me and Augusto…so cute and fuzzy,  just like a warm kitten .

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013: sing for your candy

Live long and prosper

Lorenzo is a natural born vulcan

Lorenzo had to sing for his candy this year. 
Greta as a hipster faun. She also had to sing for her candy.

That's it for Halloween photos this year.
It was a rainy Halloween and only the kids were determined to brave the cold wet night to get some goodies.
I stayed home and made chilli.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Girly # 3 girl in winter coat

Girly # 3 ( girl with winter coat),  acryla-goauche & ink on watercolour paper,  (9" x 12"),  2013

The inevitable winter is on it's way and options are limited. Augusto and I could try for early retirement this year and buy a winnebago and drive down to Florida and join the other Quebekers, but we're still too young for that kinda thing.
I just have to keep repeating these 5 words in my head over the next 5 months: spring will be here soon.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Boy in white shirt

Boy in white shirt,  acryla-goauche & ink on Arches watercolour paper,  (9" x 12"),  2013
A new piece that I recently completed earlier this month. I have it on my website and I also have it for sale on Saatchi which I recently joined.
I'm still in the process of organizing my work. Now that I have an "official" website where I can showcase my portfolio, I need to edit it properly so that it looks professional and cohesive. I'm giving myself till the end of this year to have everything updated.
By January 2014, I'd also like to see my Etsy shop downsized and have only sculptures and small works under a certain price point in there.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Man in Coat

Man in Coat, oil on canvas panel, (4" x 5"), 2012

A portrait that I did last year in oil. It was in an exhibition last December at the Cube gallery, but it never sold. I'm glad to still have it and to enjoy and see it every day hanging on our living room wall.
I've also included it in my portfolio on my website .

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Arbor Gallery exhibition

Next Saturday, November 2nd, I'll be at the Arbor gallery of Contemporary Art in Vankleek Hill, Ontario (it's an hour drive from Montreal). The vernissage is from 1-3pm and the exhibition will run from October 30th - December 15th, 2013.

Vankleek Hill is re-known for their gingerbread style houses most of which are very old turn-of-the- century buildings. It's also the location of the  Beau's All Natural Brewing Co it's all good.

So come on out and take a car ride and enjoy the scenery, the beer and some good art.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Frankenstein's Saturday Post # 13

Frankie's back!

Here's a great quote that Frankenstein found handwritten in an old sketchbook from earlier days that can only inspire and get you off your butt and do something amazing!

Don't count on fame - that's not the point. It's not important. The celebrity and the glamour come naturally. The really important bit is the commitment to life, the commitment to people. And to the work involved. Trust on a very deep level that everything will be O.K.  And don't despair. The great tragedies, the big self-destructive tragedies, happen in a split second, when the human being gives up and thinks, I can't do it. It's too much for me, I'm gonna cop out, I'm gonna check out. That is an illusion. It's actually a hallucination. It's not true; it's gonna be O.K. Just hang on.

                                                             -Marianne Faithfull, Interview magazine, February 1991

Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Art Scene: The Broken Circle Breakdown

I love movie trailers. I can spend an hour on the iTunes Movie trailers website just watching them.
I came across this particular Belgian movie: The Broken Circle Breakdown (directed by Felix Van Groeningen)  and thought it was an American movie about a girl and a boy. But it's actually a Belgian movie and no one speaks English except when they sing. Quite astounding cast of actors.
I haven't seen the movie yet as it seems it only comes out here in Canada in November, but the movie was made in 2012 and has won numerous awards in Europe.
Here is a youtube video of the main actors (Veerle Baetans and Johan Heldenbergh) from the movie singing live on stage the very beautiful sad song: If I Needed You.  It's so sweet and emotional, it just makes you wanna cry.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Everyday life: What is in my heart and mind

Since last week, I've been busy launching a new website to showcase my art:

It still needs work and will be up to date by the end of the month. This will be my official site for galleries and collectors to see my portfolio.
While launching this new site, I've spent lots of time in my studio organizing my artwork and my space. Feels good to clear up things. I can't work with a cluttered space or a cluttered mind. 
Some people thrive on disorder and chaos, but I tend to drown and feel overwhelmed in such situations.
I'm definitely not a minimalist because I like to collect things, especially objects that inspire me to create. I think a lot of artists have an eclectic collection of some sort in there space.
Anyway, I hope to also have this blog in order and to post regularly perhaps only 3 times a week as opposed to trying to post everyday. It's too much for me to have to think about my website, my shop, my blog and to create a consistent body of work and contact galleries. 

In the near future, when I can finally quit my part time job all together and just make art 24/7, I know things will fall into place and I won't feel so impatient and agitated.

I see all the art that I need to create floating around in my head, sometimes I even have dreams of paintings that still don't exist. For this, I know my path in life is to create and to be true to my nature and to share with the world what is in my heart and mind.

View of the trees from the living room window. Fall is here to stay. Look at all the pretty colours.

These are the last 2 surviving cactus plants. For the past month, I've had 1 cactus plant die per week on me. I think I'll stick with regular plants from now on.

A new storage box that fits all my smaller works on paper. Excellent! I love how organized I feel with this box.  Now I just need to find another one in a bigger size for my bigger works on paper. So fun!

A new flower plant that I bought a couple of weeks ago from the grocery store. I've put in the the laundry room on top of the water heater to see if it will bounce back. Maybe St Joseph can say a prayer too.

View from the kitchen window.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

White Flower casein painting

White Flower # 1,  casein paint on gessoed Stonehenge paper,  (11" x 14"),  2013

This is one of two paintings that I did of this particular flower that I forgot to ask the girl at the flower shop for the name.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Opera Rose # 6 illustration

Opera Rose # 6,  acryla-goauche on watercolour paper,  (9" x 12"), 2013
This is # 6 in my new series of figures on paper. She's more imagined than real. She's got a good personality and lovely smile too.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Opera Rose illustration series

OPERA ROSE # 1,  acryla-gouche, ink on watercolour paper,  (9" x 12"),  2013

This is #1 in a series of illustrations on watercolour paper.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Everyday life: Ottawa birthday road trip

Last week was my birthday, but since it fell on a Thursday and everyone was at school and working late, my birthday festivities were postponed till the weekend. And off we went to Ottawa with pit stops along the way in Hudson, Hawsberry and Vankleek. Saturday rained all day, but we still made the best of it. Sunday was spent downtown with some flea market and antique finds. I got a beautiful bronze sculpture of a young boy as my birthday gift. The man said it was probably from the 1930s. 
All in all another great road trip and a fun birthday!

Taking photos on the run

Holy cow!

Lunch in the rain at Anne's Chip shop in Vankleek, Ontario

Lorenzo waiting for his food. We ate our lunch in the car.

View from our hotel window. Marathon anyone?

This was the bridge back to Ottawa from our hotel in Gatineau. Full of runners. Lots of detours and directions from helpful cops to get us back downtown.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Historical Portrait of a Woman

Portrait of a Woman c. 1740-50, Continental Painter,  acryl-gouache on 10" round canvas, 2013


A new historical painting that I made last week. I used acryla-gouache paint which makes for a nice matte finish. She looks happy and content. Nice dress too.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Historical painting: Ann (Nancy) Johnson

Ann (Nancy) Johnson, c.1770, artist unknown,  acrylic on round 10" canvas, 2013

Historical painting that I did this past year from an original miniature portrait painting from the Canada Government library and archives. First time that I've put it in the "public eye". I've discovered that I enjoy making historical portrait paintings because they teach me so much. It's like going through time and sitting with another artist and learning his techniques and ways of painting the face. I've learned a lot from making these and it shows in my new recent work.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Firday Art Scene: The Mona Lisa Curse

Have you met Robert Hughes, the art critic? I watched a documentary the other night by him. Every artist should watch this documentary.

I love Robert's face. He talks very eloquently. And he knows what he's talking about, unlike some people.

You can click on this link and watch the documentary here : The Mona Lisa Curse

Thursday, September 12, 2013

White Button Top clay figure

White Button Top, acrylic on clay, 2013

This is part of my WHITE series of clay sculpture figures that I began recently. Simple line drawing on a white background with a glossy varnish to complete the look.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Everyday life: vintage green rocking chair

This summer we didn't go to many places, but we did come across some vintage finds here and there. We found this green rocking chair for $30.00 at a merchants street sale. The owner of the shop had brought some of her own furniture from her house and was selling it in front of her store. It needed a little TLC, but Augusto assured me that with a little glue, a couple of nails and 4 small metal brackets, this rocking chair would be solid again. And he was right (as usual).
It's new home will be in my studio. Perfect for contemplating my next masterpiece.
When you sit and rock on this little guy, it even has that creaky, squeaky sound right out of an old horror movie. Excellent.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Godetia flower

Godetia flower,  acrylic on gessoed stonehenge paper,  11" x 14",  2013
This is a new flower painting that I made last weekend. There's this flower shop that I usually go to at least once a week to see what new flowers they have in stock. You can call me a regular, but I'm not sure the staff thinks I am. I'm more the girl who comes in and stares at the flowers for a long time and usually walks out with nothing because there wasn't the right coloured flower that week to paint.
Anyway, I see more and more that my flowers are turning abstract like my landscapes. I don't have the patience right now to paint every single petal and leaf. Just not in me at the moment. Maybe it will come to me later when the weather turns cold outside and I don't have the urge to go out anymore.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Blue Coat & Sunglasses

Blue Coat & Sunglasses,  acrylic on gessoed drawing paper,  11" x 14",  2013

A new painting that I did earlier this week late at night. Sometimes the best time to paint is when you're tired and can't think anymore and just don't give a damn.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Clay sculpture series for the wall

WALL SERIES #1 (Girl with red hair  & lipstick),  2013,  acrylic on clay
A new sculpture that I recently made. This time, you can hang this one on a wall. I made some other ones, but for now I'm not sure I want to sell them just yet. Maybe after I've made a bunch of them, I won't feel so attached to them. But usually, I always keep some for my own personal collection.