Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Untitled, acrylic on gessoed canvas panel, 4" x 6", 2012
So, after so many years of painting, I've finally come up with a signature that doesn't stress me out. I have a long first and last name. Do you know how difficult it is to sign a painting with a brush with a name that long? By the time I got towards the end of my name, the signature was either crooked or messed up.  In my twenties and thirties, I would use these special oil-based markers that I could sign with like a regular signature on paper. That worked for some time until I decided to use acrylic paint and a thin brush and print my name. That looked ok, but I still wasn't satisfied. Finally, this year, I took my dad's old trick and used my initials to sign my work. It works like a charm and the stress is gone. I can sign my work as soon as it is finished instead of procrastinating about it.
It's the little details in life that count so much.

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