Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Why do they always have to renovate the kitchen?

Detail of my latest work on kitchen paraphernalia. Full view of this work in my Etsy shop

So I, like many people, get a kick out of watching House Hunters. I especially love the International edition. You spend thirty minutes of your life watching strangers pick and choose property and you start talking to the screen saying how dumb they are not to have picked the house you liked best.
I just never understand why so many people think it ESSENTIAL to tear down and gut the kitchen. Whatever happened to cute vintage kitchens? How much counter space does one really need and how much food does one really plan on cooking? I don't need to look into the living room and stare at the couch while I cook. I think it's more important to make sure you're not cutting any fingertips with the kitchen knife and that the oil in the pan doesn't catch on fire.

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