Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Drawing # 22 & # 23, Fall series

Drawing # 22, acrylic black ink on gessoed paper,  Fall 2011

It is always so daunting to begin again over and over. That is the story of my art. I begin a new series and work to build up a comprehensive body of work, but just when I get to a breaking point and begin to arrive at that next level, life draws me back to my other realities in my life. Not that they are bad realities; it just makes me create art that starts and stops and starts and stops over and over.
That said, the above work is based on my observations of my birthday bouquet of flowers. I had to find a starting point and flowers are not my first pick as a subject to draw, but it's a start. It helps to get the creative juices flowing again.

Drawing # 23, acrylic, black ink on gessoed paper, Fall 2011
This is a second work that I began right after I completed the first drawing. I changed my vantage point and came up with a different version of the same bouquet. I was debating whether to continue with more drawings of the flower bouquet, but I opted to do some faces instead.
I'll post the other new works that I made in my next posts ( I had a very productive day today).

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